Plan Your Finest Corporate Afternoon Tea with Us! | Corporate Catering | Shagun Catering

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Plan Your Finest Corporate Afternoon Tea with Us! | Corporate Catering | Shagun Catering

Corporate gatherings are occasions for new handshakes, new approaches for work, and brainstorming of ideas. Here good food and great ambiance quicken the odds of an Individual. Afternoon tea is a ritual evolved as a mini meal to fill your stomach. It’s a meal consist of sandwiches, cupcakes, cakes, pastries, and scones with clotted cream and jam. Even today most of the people need afternoon tea at 4 with light snacks like sandwiches, scone and more. There’s no better way to represent or impress your corporate guest or client than an afternoon tea that fit’s perfect for a meeting. Neatness, Grace, and simplicity are the keys to a successful Corporate Catering for afternoon tea.

Sweet Stuff:

  • Scones, jam, and cream: An exemplary on any afternoon tea spread, newly prepared scones with jam and thickened cream.


  • A blend of little tarts in assorted flavors is a good choice for a corporate afternoon tea. Caramel, lemon curd, passion fruit, cheesecake, and more. Tarts are a baked dish with shortcrust pastry, which is usually fruit-based with custard, and tart fillings may be savory or sweet.


  • Mini muffins are tiny baked good which is ideal for an afternoon treat.


  • Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter never a bad idea for cupcakes to have. It’s an ideal trade-off in case you are not into the entire cake.


Spicy Stuff:

  • Savory muffins: Flavorful muffins offer all that we have come to cherish about delicate, brittle muffins, yet with the special reward of cheddar. Evaluate messy vegetable, zucchini nibbles, or yam and feta!
  • Finger sandwiches: Crustless white bread finger sandwiches with fragile fillings, another exemplary finger food, make you feel extravagant, yet they taste tasty. Cucumber, smoked salmon and cheddar cream, a plate of mixed greens with chicken or egg, yum!
  • Pizza bites: Mini pizza bites will make any afternoon tea menu a tasty addition. There is something yummy for all, from vegetarian Margherita, pumpkin rocket, and feta to pepperoni, prosciutto, and seafood varieties.

Shagun Catering for your every event is it morning or afternoon tea or any corporate office event we offer a wide range of menus and packages that suits you, also we will make delicious with high quality and safety measures.

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