Handy Tips 101: Organizing and Hosting an Elegant High Tea Party! Part 4

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Handy Tips 101: Organizing and Hosting an Elegant High Tea Party! Part 4

Have You Ever had an Idea for hosting an urbane afternoon tea party, as a great method for showing hospitality to patrons from your social network, on multi-day events such as weddings, or seasonal festivities of our Polychromatic India!? Be it a high-tea reception at the end of a wedding jamboree, a semi- private baby shower, a birthday bash, or an anniversary shindig — Board the Wagon for ‘digesting’ one of our phenomenal (as well as, Highly Personal & Secretive ideas) tips on “Organizing and Hosting an Elegant High Tea Party!”.

Radical Tips to Plan and Organize a High Tea Celebration

Check out some of the most handy pointers, following which, you’ll be ordained as the queen/king of special high teas in your imminent social circle!

  1. Creating the Aesthetics & Ambience at Your High Tea

For high tea parties, large display of real fragrancy flowers or dazzling ornamental bouquets seem to be the best and most royal looking decorations of all time! Begin with decorating your venue floral bouquets of various color combinations, after searching through all available options at your local florist.

Gather a bunch of Daisies, long-stemmed Roses or Carnations, or other seasonal flowers such as Lilies or Orchids into tall glasses placed at each table, and if possible, throughout the walk-through passage leading to your High Tea Party stage area.

Conclusively, as you sip on your favorite tea, think about relaxing and enjoying your time with your guests at your high tea party. If you do need any further assistance and an even more professional approach and implementation of a serious High Tea Event, give us a ring and let Shagun Caterers simply mesmerize you and your guests! Till then, Hope you host a rocking high tea party using our Pro tips, which we’re sure You will do!

Stay Tuned for the next segment of our Pro Tips! Shagun Catering is here just for You!

Now, special occasions are hosted to make memories worth a life time! Ain’t that more true when you think of Shagun!

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