Handy Tips 101: Organizing and Hosting an Elegant High Tea Party! Part 3.

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Handy Tips 101: Organizing and Hosting an Elegant High Tea Party! Part 3.

Have You Ever had an Idea for hosting an urbane afternoon tea party, as a great method for showing hospitality to patrons from your social network, on multi-day events such as weddings, or seasonal festivities of our Polychromatic India!? Be it a high-tea reception at the end of a wedding jamboree, a semi- private baby shower, a birthday bash, or an anniversary shindig — Board the Wagon for ‘digesting’ one of our phenomenal (as well as, Highly Personal & Secretive ideas) tips on “Organizing and Hosting an Elegant High Tea Party!”.

Radical Tips to Plan and Organize a High Tea Celebration

Check out some of the most handy pointers, following which, you’ll be ordained as the queen/king of special high teas in your imminent social circle!

  1. Making Ready Your Tea Table & Propping Up all the Cutlery

Generally, High teas are more formal and quite a bit of an “Upper-“ Classy affair. Consequently, ensure spending a bit amount of specific time when you’re Making Ready Your Tea Table. Focus on using plain white tablecloths – laundered and neatly ironed. You should include lace tablecloths, lace dollies, etc.  for a more Debonair feel! Spread out the sandwiches, scones, cupcakes, pastries, and other treats in silver/ceramic trays with serving spoons, thus ensuring that your guests are able to make choices and select as and when what they want to have!

  1. Portioning the Tea

Of course,

Obviously, in a high tea party, Tea is inevitably the highlight of the event! You may chose to select 2 warm beverage jugs – One for Tea and a separate One for Coffee. On the other hand, you can may also put tea bags of various flavors on display, and position a hot water kettle for those who would prefer to have dip-bag teas at the event. Guests should be provisioned for selecting their preferred tea flavors, if they so wish to try!

Ensure to make provision for serving other condiments like honey, sugar cubes, lemon wedges, warm milk, etc. along with tea and/or coffee at the event! Your guests might prefer to flavor their teacup (or coffee cup) if they actually come from and upper class of society who might be accustomed to having such flavoring extravaganzas accompanied along with their beverages!

Ensure stacking up spoons, cups, and saucers beforehand on the serving or a center table, allowing your guests for using it as and when required. Not forgetting in including a larger tray for your guests so that they can drop in their used cups and saucers, spoons, and other cutlery after they’re done having their snacks and beverages!

Stay Tuned for the next segment of our Pro Tips! Shagun Catering is here just for You!

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