A Guide to Avoiding Wastage of Food in Events | Corporate Catering | Shagun Catering

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A Guide to Avoiding Wastage of Food in Events | Corporate Catering | Shagun Catering

Indian wedding catering services, Parties, Corporate Catering all these events are a lot of things. The event is about gathering, a social setting or an extravagant wedding, or throwing a fancy or lavish dinner party. Whatever event you think about, planning to give your nearest and precious ones, family members, acquaintances, and colleagues who are celebrating you an unforgettable feast.

When it comes to food catering for event guests, we are always overwhelmed by the basic question of, “how much should we order? “Since hungry people are hangry people, we do not want to order too little. So what do we do? We order more food, as a result, we end up wasting excess food. Then we face inequality in food distribution.
Well, let us discuss a few options in this article to deal with and make good use of the excess food we have at events. Feel-good ideas are coming right up!

Donate food to the needy:
These days caterers have tie-ups with the NGO and if not then donate leftover food to underprivileged ones. This way good use of food is assured, and food wastage at events can be avoided.

Estimate your food preparation accurately:
Caterers need to estimate the actual amount of food they want to cater to an event and plan accordingly. A caterer wants to serve and feed guests so well and up to the mark but that doesn’t mean that one needs to prepare extra food which mostly goes to waste. Serve your guests with compassion, but that much that they can eat and ask caterers to prepare accordingly.

Arrange a takeaway option for guests:
This alternative can always need to keep in mind. Why not think about recycling? Make Takeaway boxes ready and pack a leftover meal and can enjoy late-night dinner or snacks after they return to their hotel, many guests love to eat midnight snacks and this takeaway box can be a win-win situation for both.

Serve food to hotel and catering staff:
One more to go option to avoid wastage of food is to share an event meal with hotel staff and catering staff.

We should also consider turning food waste into energy in addition to food donations. The world is pursuing numerous ways of obtaining renewable energy, so we can do our part by recycling our surplus food. To get you started on this process for your future activities, get in contact with organizations in your region that offer certain services and capabilities.

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