Snazzy Planning of Wedding Menus in 2020! Part 4

Snazzy Planning of Wedding Menus in 2020! Part 4

Indian weddings are an affair, which bring fun and extravagance along with colors and lavish décor stretching for nearly three to 7 days with every meal being a gourmet treat! Jam-packed with close relatives, the distant cousins and acquaintances you either have never even met or seldom meet once every few years — Indian weddings are a celebration of love, joy and family!

Wedding Food Menu Planning Tips that are Pocket-friendly

The catering bill is a major chunk of your wedding expenses. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here, we share, some clever tips on how you can cut down the catering costs for your big day, without compromising on the quality of food, you serve your guests.

  1. Swap Expensive Ingredients with Local, Fresh Produce

We all know that serving exotic ingredients sourced from other countries and states can easily add to the overall budget. For instance, instead of serving crab, lobster, shrimp and other exotic seafood you can replace it with affordable local fish. So, look around, work with your Wedding caterers in Gurgaon to swap expensive ingredients with pocket-friendly alternatives.

By opting for locally available ingredients, you not only cut down on your budget, but also increase the flavour and taste. Seasonal and local food can transform even a simple dish into another level bursting with flavours. Remember you aren’t competing on Master Chef. And, even the simplest ingredients prepared well can elevate the whole menu.

  1. Go in for Live Counters

One of the biggest reasons why wedding catering budgets go overboard is due to food wastage. People order for a large number of guests, but realise that only a fraction of the expected guests arrive on the big day.

Live counters can help you cut down the budget, as the food is prepared fresh for each guest, avoiding wastage. They are a great way to cut down food wastage and reduce the overall budget. You can experiment with several live counters like – a dosa corner, a pizza/pasta station, coffee corner, and more.

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