Snazzy Planning of Wedding Menus in 2020! Part 1.

Snazzy Planning of Wedding Menus in 2020! Part 1.

Indian weddings are an affair, which bring fun and extravagance along with colors and lavish décor stretching for nearly three to 7 days with every meal being a gourmet treat! Jam-packed with close relatives, the distant cousins and acquaintances you either have never even met or seldom meet once every few years — Indian weddings are a celebration of love, joy and family!

Unarguably, our traditional Indian weddings have earned the nickname of “The Big Fat Indian Wedding” – since there’s no escaping the horrifying Indian wedding budget. Worry not, we are the best Wedding caterers in Ahmedabad, who can help you organize a wonderful Indian wedding ceremony without creating a huge dent into your life savings!

Yet Today, it’s all about the “Wow Factor”! Couples and their families have a tendency to compare with their relatives to see who hosts the most extravagant and luxurious ceremonies. As a result, families take huge loans or empty their life savings to cover the costs of the wedding.

The truth is that planning a perfect wedding is possible, even when you’re on a budget. Your special day can be perfect without draining your finances. Traditionally, Indian weddings are about the coming together of two families and blessing the couple with love and joy. This is all it should be – and not about showing off how much money you have!

With the Coronavirus-induced lockdowns and recession, it’s a prudent choice to skip elaborate affairs and keep the ceremony simple, but yet — meaningful and memorable! Wedding analysts believe that there are several factors that have contributed to the rising wedding costs over the years. Couples opt for extras like — pre- and post- bridal wedding shoots, destination weddings, designer bridal wear, expensive return favors, bridal showers, stag or even hen parties, and more!

Stay Tuned for the next segment of our Pro Tips! Shagun Catering is here just for You!

Now, special occasions are hosted to make memories worth a life time! Ain’t that more true when you think of Shagun!

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