How to Serve Up Alcohol-Free Coolers for Non-Drinkers — 30 Tips and Ideas!” Part 18

How to Serve Up Alcohol-Free Coolers for Non-Drinkers — 30 Tips and Ideas!” Part 18

For any Weddings, holiday gatherings, conferences—a common occurrence at any such events is — Alcohol based drinks and Cocktails! However, there are about one in four people who are either trying to reduce their drinking, or maybe not belong to the alcohol-favoring population. Nearly half of the world’s adult population is supposedly not consuming any forms of alcohol at all!! It’s important to plan for the non-drinkers at your events and offer them more options than water, soda, and coffee. Whether you’re planning a wedding with no bar, need beverage options for guests who don’t drink alcohol, or want to create a fully inclusive conference environment—we’ve got you covered with tips and ideas for alcohol-free events.

How to Serve Up Alcohol-Free Coolers for Non-Drinkers

Keep non-drinkers in mind while planning your event

The first thing you must take up is deciding whether your event will be entirely alcohol-free, or maybe include a tiny bit of alcohol (i.e., for a toast or during cocktail hour), or if you’ll allow guests to BYOB. (that’s Bring Your Own Booze, by the way!)

Tips for alcohol-free galas, weddings, holiday events, and parties

Thankfully, there are plenty of options beyond serving sparkling grape juice in lieu of alcoholic beverages. Wow guests with these ideas for sober social events:

  1. Make one or more tables alcohol-free.

Some guests may need to distance themselves from drinkers, and including alcohol-free tables in your seating plan gives them this option. Let guests know you’re offering alcohol-free tables with a simple note on the event website—this way people can opt in without drawing attention.

  1. Assign spaces where alcohol is not allowed.

Only allow alcohol inside and designate the cozy outdoor fire pit or balcony overlooking the city as booze-free spaces. The venue may make this easy: Some liquor licenses restrict where alcohol can be served, which often means drinks may not leave the building. Or, flip it and designate indoor spaces as alcohol-free, with the option to drink at an outdoor bar.

In The End, make it easy for non-drinkers to see their options—without drawing too much attention. Consider it your responsibility to provide a variety of non-alcoholic beverage options guests can enjoy without having to make special requests or feel like they are asking the staff to go above and beyond.

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