Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our Common FAQs

Setting Buffet Table

Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our Common FAQs

Whether you’re hosting a small and private summer soiree, or a plush wedding, having a buffet table for your guests might seem the perfect way to have them enjoy the scene, while freeing you from tending to the food serving personally the whole time. Yet today, we’re revealing a few our Pro Tips on setting the perfect buffet table!

Extra Tips for Setting a Buffet Table

Use a chalkboard table runner or kraft paper to label food

If food display signs aren’t your thing, use your tablecloth instead! Black paper and chalk instantly become a fun and informative display while kraft paper and a marker add rustic whimsy to any occasion.

Have more questions about setting buffet tables? OR How do you set a buffet table at a wedding?

Set up a buffet table to match the flow of guests. This means placing cutlery at the dining tables so there is a smaller chance of a fork being dropped, and having dining plates at the beginning of the buffet table so guests don’t need to carry them as they walk to the buffet. To save on budget place more expensive food items toward the end of the buffet table, because guests are more likely to take larger portions of earlier food items.

How do you set up a party table?

The placemat goes first, followed by the charger. Plates will be placed upon the charger as they are served. The napkin is placed next, typically on top of the charger or an empty plate at the start of the meal, although it can also be placed under the cutlery. Cutlery is placed such that the fork is on the left and the spoon and knife are on the right. The drinking glass is placed to the right of a setting.

How many plates do you need for a special event?

There are a few guidelines that you can rely on no matter how food is being served. For a cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres, count on one 7″ plate per person per hour. For a buffet, two to three dinner plates per person, plus one dessert place per person is a safe bet. For a full-service meal, use one 10 1/4″ plate for the main course, a 9″ plate for salads or appetizers, and one 6-7″ plate each for bread and dessert.

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