Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our 30 Pro Tips! Part 9

Setting Buffet Table

Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our 30 Pro Tips! Part 9

Whether you’re hosting a small and private summer soiree, or a plush wedding, having a buffet table for your guests might seem the perfect way to have them enjoy the scene, while freeing you from tending to the food serving personally the whole time. Yet today, we’re revealing a few our Pro Tips on setting the perfect buffet table!

Tips for Setting a Buffet Table

  1. Display layered dips and desserts in mason jars

The mason jar craze will live forever thanks to adorable food displays at events. Show off all your delicious ingredients in these glass receptacles. Decorate the jars to match your event theme and colors with strings, bows, or even mini handkerchiefs. The ability to portion out food this way will also keep guests from overindulging.

  1. Arrange food from least to most expensive

Hungry people tend to pile on foods like salads, bread, and appetizers when they first get in line at a buffet. As they move down the line, their plates fill up, leaving less room for the steaks and salmon dishes at the end. Another great psychological tactic for event portion control, this tip will save you from having to stock up on your pricier dishes. 

  1. Use stamps to dress up wooden cutlery or serving utensils

Flat, light-colored wooden utensils are easy to personalize. Use stamps with your company logo, slogan, or event name in colors that match your theme. You can even go a step further and use food-grade ink to stamp the same design on cake fondant or even sandwich bread. This is a great tip for corporate events that plan to use their buffet as part of a brand-building effort or weddings that want a more affordable way to achieve a polished, cohesive look.

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