Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our 30 Pro Tips!” Part 8.

Setting Buffet Table

Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our 30 Pro Tips!” Part 8.

Whether you’re hosting a small and private summer soiree, or a plush wedding, having a buffet table for your guests might seem the perfect way to have them enjoy the scene, while freeing you from tending to the food serving personally the whole time. Yet today, we’re revealing a few our Pro Tips on setting the perfect buffet table!

Tips for Setting a Buffet Table

  1. Offer both store-bought and homemade items

This tip is mostly for your own sanity, since feeding a whole crowd of people an entirely home-cooked meal isn’t exactly doable for most event budgets or teams. To make everything look nice together, place all your food in cohesive displays and make sure to garnish store-bought options that same way you would for their homemade versions. And be sure to take some inspiration from these genius hacks that make your store-bought food look homemade.

  1. Properly fold napkins

Napkins should be easy to grab as you’re walking by. The way you fold your napkins will determine whether or not it is. Cocktail-sized paper napkins are traditionally displayed in a spiral stack so guests can pinch one or two off the top without having to touch the rest of them. And, if you’re offering linens ones at dinner, consider rolling them with silverware and displaying them in a basket so guests can grab and go.

  1. Provide utensils directly in food displays

Miniature soups, salad bites, and skewers make transporting finger foods from display to mouth so much easier. Plus, you can get creative for how food is paired or arranged. And you’ll benefit from having fewer dishes to clean by the end of the night.

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