Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our 30 Pro Tips! Part 3.

Setting Buffet Table

Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our 30 Pro Tips! Part 3.

Whether you’re hosting a small and private summer soiree, or a plush wedding, having a buffet table for your guests might seem the perfect way to have them enjoy the scene, while freeing you from tending to the food serving personally the whole time. Yet today, we’re revealing a few our Pro Tips on setting the perfect buffet table!

Tips for Setting a Buffet Table

  1. Use strategic layouts

The manner in which you place your tables in the room is really important. In addition to aesthetic designs, you’ll need to incorporate practical elements that control overcrowding, server access, and ease of use for people with disabilities. You might even want to consider choosing station-style over a buffet serving system.

  1. Create an Instagram-worthy table backdrop

Start with your theme and event colors. They’ll help guide the majority of your choices. Decide what vibe you want the background to be. Do you want it to be cute and whimsical? Or glam and upscale? Whatever you choose for your buffet table, make sure you use eye-catching extras like wallpaper, garlands, streamers, or even balloons that coordinate with your serving platters and dishes.

  1. Stage serving dishes and bowls before adding food

There’s a lot we can learn from food photography that will help us set up the perfect buffet table. Staging your table is just one of many lessons but it’s a good one to keep in mind. Not only does laying out all your major table components help you decide where everything should go, but it also helps you see if you have too many or too few elements for the space.

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