Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our 30 Pro Tips! Part 1

Setting Buffet Table

Setting a Buffet Table? Follow Our 30 Pro Tips! Part 1

Whether you’re hosting a small and private summer soiree, or an plush wedding, having a buffet table for your guests might seem the perfect way to have them enjoy the scene, while freeing you from tending to the food serving personally the whole time. Yet today, we’re revealing a few our Pro Tips on setting the perfect buffet table!

Tips for Setting a Buffet Table

  1. Vary the height of serving tables across food items

Just as you should vary heights when arranging your decorative centerpieces, you must do the same for all buffet serving tables or placement racks. These catch the sight of your guests, and will add some depth to your food dishes set-up. Ensure to elevate the less messy dishes, since you would definitely not want sauces to be spilling on your tablecloth every now and then.

You may opt to stack books under the tablecloth for creating such elevation. Nevertheless, You may prefer to vary the heights on top of the tablecloth using beautiful serving trays or eclectic items. You should place taller items in the back (assuming that your tables are set up against a wall.)

  1. Have a clear beginning

Try to plan and organize a route or order of placing the tables in order of items to be consumed. Beginning with Soups and Starters, to Desserts. Your guests should know where the buffet table starts and ends – keep all plates on one end of the table. This will prevent a jammed crowd. If you have a larger group, space and position the table away from the wall, enabling people to go along either side of the table for fills and refills.

  1. Identify dishes

When customizing your final items menu, consider your vegetarian/vegan friends and guests, and any possible allergy restrictions. Label all dishes, and if necessary, include mentioning any important ingredients, such as, “contains garlic, onions, etc.” This is becoming increasingly important with all the different diet restrictions today. 

Use this opportunity for showing off your creativity! Make labels as simple or as colorful as you would like to make them – Spruce them up if you are throwing a themed party!

Most of the people are fans of labels created from hand-writing using Calligraphy. Ensure the font is a large enough size for guests to read, especially if the event is dimly-lit for an evening soiree.

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