The Catering Checklist for Events Part-2

The Catering Checklist for Events Part-2

Good food brings people together, and caterers offer ready-made food for guests to enjoy. It’s not enough to just cater to an event though, it needs to be catered exceptionally well. That means planning prep for the big event in detail. Consider the steps that must be completed and write them down. Assign jobs to specific team members. Plan everything out with time to spare, so completing the event with success is easy. One of the best ways to start your planning is by looking at a checklist for catering an event. Think of it as your basic inventory plan, and check off each item before leaving your kitchen on the big day. Healthy Catering is vitally important for most events!

Equipment for a Buffet

If the event is to be buffet-style, you’ll have a different catering event checklist to consider. It will include all the items to set up, operate and remove a buffet quickly. Here’s a standard catering buffet checklist.

  • Tongs – For salads or other difficult to scoop items.
  • Chafing dishes – To keep food warm throughout the event
  • Fuel – To power the chafing dishes
  • Matches or lighter – To start the dish heaters
  • Plates – Go with sturdy and uniform plates
  • Serving baskets – To hold fruit, bread and other objects
  • Rolled silverware – Packed into neat bundles for easy grabbing or passing out
  • Cutting boards – Used for cutting meats
  • Cutting knives – To slice up meat
  • Cutting boards – To hold meats for slicing
  • Spatulas
  • Dishcloths – To wipe up inevitable spills

This banquet setup checklist covers all of the most common items required during buffet-style events, but it’s a good idea to think of more specific needs and add them on as well. Try and build up the list entirely before the big day of the event so you’ll be prepared.

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