Dinnerware & Crockery of Various Materials Part-2

Dinnerware & Crockery of Various Materials Part-2

When you’re out finalizing your contract with your choice of caterer for your event, shouldn’t you consider what dinnerware and crockery would be used or display and serving of food and stuff to your guests? Whether formal or casual event— there are different types of materials to choose from. Stoneware, Porcelain, Bone China, Melamine and other materials have their individual qualities, features, and maybe some tiny drawbacks. -It’s most important to learn features of each material to make a wise choice when selecting and finalizing catering related things for your event. With this guide, you can get updated on the various dinnerware materials available, helping you make smart decisions.

Porcelain Dinnerware or China Dinnerware

Porcelain and china are both terms that are used to refer to dinnerware made of a fine particle clay. It usually comprises of kaolin, feldspar, and quartz that has been heated at a high temperature. This makes the resulting dinnerware to be extremely durable and non-porous. This process allows the dinnerware to look more delicate and thin giving it a translucent appearance as well as for shaped details to be added into the design. Most china wares are oven and microwave safe. China with touches of silver, gold or platinum border should not be microwaved, and detergents with lemon scents might damage their metal accents as well. Porcelain usually has a more formal look making it the dinnerware of choice for formal dining occasions, although it can also be used for everyday meals.

Bone China Dinnerware

Bone china usually made from animal bones is combined with porcelain clay and heated at a slightly lower temperature than porcelain to produce a translucent, lightweight and delicate in feel material with a milky appearance. It is the most durable and strongest dinnerware despite its delicate look. Most bone china is oven and dishwasher safe and can be microwaved unless it has metallic banding.

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