A highly special holler for all first-time Mums to be! And, a shout-out to all their friends who were organizing a baby shower — pre- or post-delivery of the Mums-To-Be! In continuing where we left off in planning a special event — a baby shower for yourself or for a friend. Shagun Catering breezes you along with our series on helping you plan your celebration — Few Favourite Baby Shower catering ideas.

Sandwiches & Light Canapés

For any event, the most unimaginable situation is if and when your guests — unintentionally — leave, Ahem, half-hungry. Nobody wishes ever this to happen. However, all people are different. Some days, someone might be a bit more or a bit less hungry than usual. That might upset the balance of quantities of food you might have estimated, planned, and arranged for through your Catering services. However, to avoid any such unintentional miscalculations, Ribbon sandwiches are a fantastic option! Not only are they lovely to look at, but also keep you and your guests well-fed before and after the main course is done, if any such persons might want to have the last nibble here and there before they leave the event! Additionally, Cucumber and cream cheese are a classic combination. You must understand that all options are quite endless for selecting such a tiny nibble treat doing the rounds. It all depends on what you want to select for your event. Best bet — ask your Catering guys; Always! 

Dessert Stations

Most events including engagements and marriages nowadays have a mandatory Cake, which is deemed to be a Must-Have for any official party-type event. Shagun says — NOT Necessarily! Why be traditional and boring, holding the formal methods of hosting desserts for your guests at your Baby Shower event? New age developments have brought to us varieties galore, with an interactive dessert station — an awesomely new concept, which should get and keep all your guests talking, and lining up for more!

Yeah, That’s more like a big show ain’t it! Shagun Catering is here just for You!

Now, special occasions are hosted to make memories worth a lifetime! Ain’t that more true when you think of Shagun

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