Welcome to the New Year! A New Decade! 2020! Wouldn’t you like to host a new year welcoming party? Or, it could also be that someone from your friends or family had a Baby arriving just as the New Year dawned in! Just welcoming a new baby into the world is highly specialized for first-time mums! 

Whether you’re planning a baby shower for yourself or for a friend, Shagun Catering provides catering for any and all such events, which encompass a variety of functions!  Today, we begin our series on helping you plan your celebration — Few Favourite Baby Shower catering ideas.

Decorating along with Themes! 

For any part or events, what begins first is — decorations! Food — what and how much— comes in much later on. 

You can go gaga with color splashes and tiny ornaments spread all across the venue at your baby shower! It is the perfect event for unleashing your creativity and having mega-Fun while doing so! Maybe color-coordinating pastel pinks or baby blues is just those classic schemes. Why not try any other pastel shades or bold jewel tones this time?

Here’s an Idea for this time —something a bit different — go all out with a favorite nursery rhyme or storybook from your childhood or explore the wilderness with a jungle theme! For planning, designing, and decorating baby showers — please don’t fret about anything as ‘too cute’ or ‘going overboard’! 

Grazing Tables

For any event, what food is being served is hit or miss, which has more to do with how it was presented to the guests in the first place. For your baby shower event catering, choosing an impressive grazing table must definitely have an ‘OMG’ factor where it is placed, and also the kind of ambiance around it. As guests arrive, it is the primary conversation-starter spot, after which, guests greet, meet, and mingle as the party moves on. Be its cheeses, meats, and dips, or even fresh as well as dried fruits, couple types of sweet treats — Lay it out, as the guests can have fun locating them all, and having a word of chit-chat with everyone on the floor while discovering your treasures!

Yeah, That’s more like a big show ain’t it! Shagun Catering is here just for You!

Now, special occasions are hosted to make memories worth a lifetime! Ain’t that truer when you think of Shagun

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