How to Get the Most from your Tasting Part-2

How to Get the Most from your Tasting Part-2

Continuing where we left off last week, discussing making a pre-arranged visit to the actual event venues of a handful of caterers, which should help you select the perfect fit for your taste and budget. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you reach a precise decision whilst choosing a Caterer and the kind of dishes you wish to serve at your event!

DO find out if they levy any charges for Tasting.
Often, any caterer may probably charge a token amount for a tasting, if you haven’t already booked their services. Moreover, they will happily credit or adjust this amount back into the final billing charges of your event, if you did book their services.

DO not hold back on asking as many questions as You want!
Primarily, this could be your only opportunity to meet their head chef as well as the entire culinary team, which will be responsible for all the food at your event. Take note of flavor profiles, seasoning styles, garnishes, and presentation. Our team at Shagun Catering wants your event to be perfect, and we can tweak or customize any menu item precisely as per your specifications. The chef who is overseeing your tasting will come in as each course is served to answer any and all of your queries promptly! Remember to take notes yourself, and also that your catering manager does too! Since, all discussion points, adjustments requested, and the photographs of the dishes should be just as they are shown and presented, just to ensure as is continuity from tasting to table.

DON’T schedule more than three, or at the most four, Tastings.
Imagine eating the same kind of food or dishes every night throughout a week, at restaurants, or events or functions, and then, including your tastings at caterers! Wouldn’t that put you off from all such food tastes for a while? Precisely. Inevitably, at some point, their tastes would all blend together, making it an immensely hard time recalling any special or particular highlights of tastes of dishes you would have tried at your Tastings. Alternatively, if you haven’t already selected your caterer, narrow down the field to a chosen few, based on the criteria most important to you — reputation, creativity, price, etc. Only after which, schedule the Tastings with those caterers only, who meet your set standards, guidelines, or expectations in those categories.

Yeah, That’s more like a big show ain’t it! Shagun Catering is here just for You!

Now, special occasions are hosted to make memories worth a lifetime! Ain’t that truer when you think of Shagun!

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