Innovative Catering Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday Party – Part 1

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Innovative Catering Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday Party – Part 1

Suddenly you find it’s already going to be a year after the next fortnight, and your kid’s birthday is on the front door. Knocking with a huge list of things to do, gifts, toys, games, and that latest 4K video game console he had mentioned last Christmas, all of which you need to get for him before his Birthday!


Did we forget to mention — YOU NEED TO Organise a birthday party for him and friends from school, college, and the kids in the neighborhood? Yeah, Don’t drop fainted. Shagun Catering is here just for You!


Location, theming, non-conflicting dates, catering selections, impressive decorations, et c. Ann endless task-list before your child’s big birthday! Sometimes, You might be wondering if hiring an entire party event managing specialists would be a practical choice? Or, ahem, you could get us to help you with



Maintain peace and calm, with focused thinking when you’re planning your kid’s birthday party. Enlisting cuisine a canapé feast —  bite-sized humans would be willing to eat plentiful amounts of delicious bite-sized Canapés on their birthday! A canapé featuring parmesan shortbread, bocconcini, cherry tomato, and macadamia pesto, chicken or lamb sausage rolls, or for vegetarians — cheese or paneer (Cottage Cheese) with caramelised onions and Dijon whip, and chocolate and pistachio ganache cups with Oreo crumb base and gold leaf tulle. this


Cheese Boards

Burgeon a welcomed spell of cheesy munchies, where your kid and friends are rather impressed with your choice of party food flavors! We’re referring to a high cheese-oriented dish, where all the cheese-chasers are guaranteed to be the Prime Kid and all accompanying adult guests in the room! Consider baked camembert with garlic rosemary and honey drizzle served with crispbreads, croque monsieur toasties, along with ricotta and walnut cannoli served on high tea-stands — on the table individually or on the center-piece on your kid’s birthday party!

This is one kid’s birthday party catering idea that will bind people of all ages to your catering tables — no matter, what their age is!

Now, special occasions are hosted to make memories worth a lifetime! Ain’t that more true when you think of Shagun!

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