How to Select the Perfect Dish Menu for the day of Your Main Event – Part 6

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How to Select the Perfect Dish Menu for the day of Your Main Event – Part 6

Welcome to yet another fun session with Shagun Caterers — Best Catering in Ahmedabad! The last couple of weeks, an enriching discussion on cleanliness & hygiene ensued with your really warm participation. We thank all our readers and followers! However.  We’re back this week in continuing from Last Week!

Our daily adventures at Shagun Caterers, being with listening to customers with their endless plans, ideas, choices, etc. with all having more than one person wanting to make things go their way. Nothing wrong with this. It’s human behavior, and of course, everyone is pretty much enthusiastic to do something for the event. What concerns us is that, the mix of ideas, when it reaches to making choices and decisions for the food palate on the day of the event. Of course, we can prepare and make any dish that you may think of. However, that’s not where we’re heading towards.

Every event is driven by the people hosting and attending the event. So, what is more important to consider is what the majority of your guests influencing the final menu list of starts, dishes & desserts. At times it is also imperative that, your particular sect, caste, or group of people might have a tendency towards something peculiar or particularly compulsory to be included into the menu on the day of the event. Sometimes, it is also a custom to have such food items, which usually involves something sweet, and most often is a traditional dish. In other cases, there are some customs in which, certain things are banned, or taboo, or refrained upon if included in the menu list for the day of the event, especially if the event is Engagement or Marriage Ceremony Day! Some have an opinion or follow suit traditional customs and rituals about not having anything which may contain or be produced using milk. While some have stringent restrictions such as not to be having anything which involves the use of onions or garlic!

On the other hand, there are some whose requirements are not limited the choices of the dishes or items which may or may not be included; But. (Yeah, a big pause on that ‘But’.) But, may have stricter timelines to adhere to. Such as, having served the main course before sunset. That’s way much more difficult for us to deal with since, we can stay ahead of the schedule, but the guests which may be arriving may not be able to make it in time, given any other personal or worldly situations.

Moving on, We, at Shagun Caterers believe in making it easy for those who chose to depend on Us to make Possible, the Impossible.  What we really need from you is, the most precious but difficult to manage resource in the entire universe — Time. Give us time. Especially, Make time for You, not us it is hosting the event. It’s your personal thing. Your own family celebration. Make time for it. Take out some time. Plan ahead of it. Chart it. Schedule it. Then come to meet us. The more relaxed you would be when you are here, sitting and discussing with us, all available choices and plans, the better you would be able to make decisions for your special day. Since, good things in life need time. And giving time has made Shagun Best Catering services in Ahmedabad!


Now, special occasions are hosted to make memories worth a life time! Ain’t that more true when you think of Shagun!

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