How to Select the Perfect Starters & Beverages for the day of Your Main Event

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How to Select the Perfect Starters & Beverages for the day of Your Main Event

Welcome to yet another fun session with Shagun Caterers — Best Catering in Ahmedabad! The last couple of weeks, an enriching discussion on cleanliness & hygiene ensued with your really warm participation. We thank all our readers and followers! However.  We’re back this week with something different to begin with this time!

This week, we’re thinking of taking you across the wide array of services we cater to, in our daily adventures at Shagun Caterers! To being with, as in every catering services company, you will find one t oo many choices to pick from! Not the case with us. Seriously. We, at Shagun Caterers, believe in keeping life simple and easy. Why? It saves time, and which gives us more time to focus on quality & delivery timelines. If you were to go over our options or choices of packages, there’s just bare minimum to look at. What really needs more time, is the items or choices of dishes you wish to select in a particular plan offering. If we were to give you 21 plans to choose from, We’re pretty sure, nothing could be accomplished till the date of your event. Yeah! So, simply put, why not focus on what items or delicacies, sweet dishes, unique starters, tangy soups, and colorful mocktails or even cocktails you would like to see on the day of the event?

From quite an assortment of choices, we at Shagun Caterers, have gathered together over the years, a not so short but favored list of cocktails & mocktails, which are revered by a majority of people! You can pick a few more than the types if you are aware of, or even if not, you can feel free to connect with us, and ask our experts about which of the drinks — be it hard liquor or soft drink – is composed using a mix of which flavors and fragrances! If it’s possible we could have you over and get you to taste a few, when such combinations are being prepared!

Just the right accompaniment to go with a welcome drink is a handful of starters. Nothing to ignite the spark than really flavor, subtle yet spicy, starters of various shapes, sizes, textures, and aromas filling the room. As you enter into, the invigorating fragrances of various Pakoras, Fried Veg Crispies, along with some regular as well as flavored Cheesy Dips, or special sauces such as Jalapeno chutneys, Mexican Salsa sauce, etc.

It all depends on what will be your main course on the day of the event. For, the very success of an eatery menu, lies in the various combinations of food, right from welcome drinks, soups, and starters, to the main course after, and the finale filled with desserts galore! Every item you select must compliment the tastes and after-tastes of the previous as well as the following dishes in the entirety of the event. Nothing should overshadow or undermine the tastes & flavors of each & every dish & delicacy that you have selected for a day of the event! So, to begin with, select each and everything carefully. If you need to be to take your time; start early!


Seemingly, such small nuances go a long way, in garnering Us the title of the Best Outdoor Catering in Ahmedabad. At Shagun Caterers, were focusing on details is just our basic mantra. Making Us as the Best Catering Services in Ahmedabad.


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