Ultimate Guidance of Best Catering Services in Ahmedabad Part 2

Shagun Catering Event in Ahmadabad

Ultimate Guidance of Best Catering Services in Ahmedabad Part 2

Continuing from where we left off, in our series to know the magic which happens behind the scenes at every event that Shagun Caterers looks into, which has garnered us the position of the Best Catering Services in Ahmedabad! Once we have gathered everything that we would need to begin preparing the food for the day of the event, our focus should now move on to the main factor that runs your catering services business. The catering personnel that runs everything that goes behind the scenes, to make your show look like a Grand Finale of a mega-show! It is an irreplaceable factor of a company which runs catering services! As the human element is the main factor that turns all things available at hand, into lip-smacking delicacies, which should in all probability garner praises from all the guests invited at the event function.

Moving on, all the employees that you have gathered for the event must need careful scrutiny with regards to cleanliness & hygiene. To begin with, you may start inspecting your staff, if possible, a few days ahead of the event. It makes more sense to get them checked for any illness or ill-health beforehand the day of the event.  It is quite sensible when you would either inspect them or get them to visit their personal medical expert, for ascertaining their health condition. Why you might ask? Since a fever or a cold would take time to show its manifestation & symptoms in any human being, these illnesses can’t be dealt with within a short period. Since, these kinds of sicknesses would take days to be treated fully, and hamper a person’s performance quite significantly, it pays to get yourself checked to stay in fit condition ahead of the schedule.

Next, you can also check your staff for maintaining personal hygiene levels such as having a decent haircut, trimmed finger as well as (foot) toe nails, skin conditions, allergies & reactions, irritancies to external elements, etc.  All such things if noted and notified beforehand would make both the employer & the employee much more empowered to gain a lead in maintaining fitness & excellent health conditions.

The last most important thing to understand is  — any person from your staff, be it working in the kitchen or the staff serving on the floor, or support staff dealing with logistics at the day & venue of the event — falling sick at the venue or just day prior, would seriously hamper the efficiency of your workforce and targets. As well as, they might become the source of contagious illness to the guests of your client.

Now, that is seriously something that we, being the provider of Best Outdoor Catering in Ahmedabad, absolutely in no possible way consider to become a reality. This would irreversibly turn into a horrible nightmare for you & your catering services company. Hence, We strongly root for personally checking your entire staff who might be deployed at the venue of the event, to maintain excellent health levels, which all begins with absolutely diligently maintaining prime personal hygiene levels, even in the course of a day to day lives. As they say — Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Having extreme personal hygiene is not only best for the company but also the employees, as they will personally benefit with superior health & energy levels while having extremely reduced medical expenses due to often falling sick. Moreover, not falling sick means increased performance and efficiency along with reduced absenteeism at the workplace, and thus, maximum take-home salary at the end of the month! It effectively is a win-win situation for both — the employer & the employee!

When you enforcing such protocols and routines at every event, it would be beneficial to you in the long run, in gaining the title of the Best Outdoor Catering in Ahmedabad. Just like Us at Shagun Caterers, where cleanliness is just another avatar of Godliness — our basic mantra, which has garnered us as the Best Catering Services in Ahmedabad.

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