How to achieve the Perfect Catering Services Results on the day of the Event?

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How to achieve the Perfect Catering Services Results on the day of the Event?

Continuing where We, Shagun Caterers — the Best Catering Services in Ahmedabad trailed off in our last guide, which illustrated rather specifically — “How to be having a stringent hygiene & quality control in your catering services business?”, Welcome to the second part in the series, from Shagun Caterers — Best Outdoor Catering in Ahmedabad. Today, we shall discuss the best practices, usually followed by established catering services, in maintaining high levels of quality & taste control for the items of food prepared on the day of the event. Since we have already addressed the topic about learning the manner & type of food suppliers you as catering services business shall choose to rely on, for procuring the best products available for the kind of menu choices as selected by your clients. Let us proceed, and see what needs to be done next.

Considering that your current supplies of perishable foodstuff are going to be delivered on the day before the event or more possibly the previous night. As a catering services business, need to have all provisions ready to have all these supplies carefully carried into the storage area by all hands-on deck, which are careful with delicate goods. Since, food stuff can get spoiled, start smelling, or begin to rot, if there has been any damage, it is really very important that during carriage, or storage, there shouldn’t be any impact or tearing, abrasions, etc. to these kinds of foods. It is also possible that damaged pieces, would begin rotting and in the process would also spoil other undamaged pieces of food. Such being particularly — vegetables, fruits, flavoring spices (non-dry) such as ginger or garlic, or even plain onions! These may release certain strong gases or juices, which might cause the other foodstuff to spoil or rot before they are taken for cooking, say, the following morning.

Furthermore, given the case of such food raw materials, it is also necessary to maintain a particular temperature throughout until they are all used up, or the event is over. Having varying temperatures will also result in drying, aging, or causing condensation on the food materials. Any sort of unwanted water on the foodstuffs’ surfaces will result in spoiled food in the majority of cases. This will bring unnecessary delays with it and even may cause the taste of such food products to change. Hence, it is very important to categorically store foods, which require certain temperatures, together in one location and a preset, controlled temperature environment. Additionally, special storage baskets or racks are also available for conveniently storing such foods, which also eliminates the possibility of damages due to the weight of such foodstuff when stacked over each other, in a single storage area.

Lastly, it goes without enforcing the primary rule of checking the storage area allotted for you to set up your counters and being with your business of preparing the food delicacies. The storage and cooking area, very definitely, must not be plagued with insects, rodents, house flies, lizards, etc. which will be not only unhygienic and dangerous but also a cause of major delays in your cooking process. How so? Consider this; any of such creatures scurrying around your cooking area will distract your cooking staff, especially your chefs from trying to get rid of them, to even causing accidental spillage around the area. Now, can you see the impending danger? Therefore, you may take precautionary actions to eliminate such things from the operations area, the day you reach the destination before all your equipment and supplies arrive. It is tiny details like these, which has made Shagun Caterers — the Best Catering Services in Ahmedabad!

Thus, ensure that all your operations area is devoid of such disruptions & creatures. Verify & guarantee the storage facilities and its environment. Personally, arrange for storage conveniences such as crates, baskets, racks (surely needed), if your supplier doesn’t provide the foodstuffs in such containers! With this, we end the second part of the series-defining our approach to running a successful catering event! From Shagun Caterers – the Best Catering Services in Ahmedabad!

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