How Perfect Catering Services on the Event

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How Perfect Catering Services on the Event

Now that we have gathered all the foodstuff, raw materials, as well as spices & condiments that we need to begin preparing the food course for the day as per the scheduled event timelines, let us take a look at what needs hygiene treatment next.

It is pretty evident that being in the Catering services food industry, everything that gets cooked or importantly is used for cooking must have the highest hygiene and safety treatments. Thus, all the objects that you would be using for preparing, cooking, serving, & presenting your dishes at the venue on the day of the event, must specifically be clean & hygienic for use!

To start with, the basic items which cooks begin with, say dishes or plates for placing the ingredients for washing, cleaning, and/or sorting etc. Meshes or strainers, whisking blades or stirrers, small as well as large measuring spoons and cups, should not be forgotten to begin with. These are the first of the utensils and accessories that will be sought by the cooks even before they begin their cooking process. Simply because, all foodstuff will need to be either washed — such as vegetables — or some be sorted or split into portions for different uses or applications in various cuisines — such as coriander leaves (dhaniya as we know it)…!

Moving on, each such ingredients will either meet their shape & size portions through the precision sharp edges of knives, chopping blades, or some may be sliced or chopped using designer scissors for creating that special effect on the serving tables. We shouldn’t forget all these of our friendly neighborhood cutting & chopping friends that make our ultimate aim come true — Food that smells, tastes & looks absolutely ‘Smackalicious’!

Towards the middle of the cooking process, meet the ladles, wooden spoons, spatula, tongs, etc. will meet the cooking utensils that will be bearing the heat for a while. We mustn’t forget or exclude these items either from the cleaning & hygiene process. Special attention to details must be given to items such as larger stirring forks or cooking instrument, which have uneven shapes like prongs of a fork, or deeper crevice surfaces, etc. Tiny things, like grease (fats like oil or butter), might get stuck there, over time, if not scraped & cleaned thoroughly from day one of your catering operations!

Lastly, all these objects as well ingredients will make it to their final destination — be it while being cooked on a burner stove in a pot or pan, or being garnished & served in an expensive decorative porcelain bowl in the serving area. Dishes, serving spoons & ladles, glasses for water, beverages, drinks (soft or liquor), trays filled with starters along with tiny bowls filled with dips, etc. Each such vessel & utensil will need to be thoroughly cleaned and if possible de-contaminated using special treatment liquids along with brushes that clean the deep nooks, crevices, and surfaces of all such objects. Some people even think of steaming the utensils & accessories to have the highest levels of hygiene in their services. Though, not everything as such is possible or feasible in given circumstances. We should try to make as much good of all resources available, especially when it comes to maintaining effective hygiene in the catering services business.

If you would ensure such protocols and routines at every event, it would be beneficial to you in the long run, in gaining the title of the Best Outdoor Catering in Ahmedabad. Just like Us at Shagun Caterers, where cleanliness is just another avatar of Godliness — our basic mantra, which has garnered us as the Best Catering Services in Ahmedabad.

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